To consider the appropriateness of the education provided by our school for each individual child. We do not select children on academic ability; but rather on a positive attitude to learning, a desire to do their best.

SPIS admissions policy is designed to make the process of applying to send your child here clear and straightforward. The process usually begins with the request for information regarding the school and is then followed with a visit to SPIS and then, if you want to make a formal application, the completion of all registration forms.


We welcome visitors throughout the academic year. A visit to SPIS allows you and your child to actually experience what the school is all about. Visits are relaxed and involve both meeting with the administration and visiting the classrooms and grounds.

If you then wish to register for entry to SPIS you need to complete a registration form and medical information form. There is a small registration charge which is paid at the point of registration. Once registered your child may start at SPIS on any school contact day at the convenience of staff and parents.


  • SPIS offers a flexible 3 or 5 day programme, designed for our young children who are just starting school.
  • All places are offered and guaranteed upon completion of our admission forms and receipt of a non – refundable deposit.
  • Each child is allocated to a class by the administration on the basis of age, gender and number on role in the relevant class groups.
  • If places are not currently available then the children will be put on a waiting list.
  • Students in our primary section are obliged to wear the school uniform (available from our office) for other students the uniform is optional.


Children are accepted at SPIS during the course of the year. Admission is open to all children and is not subject to entry examinations. However all children from Early Childhood will be individually assessed on admission to assist in their learning journey. Your child’s existing school may be contacted for a verbal reference


All fees are paid at the beginning of each term or on entry of your child into SPIS. Fees are paid in Rwandan Francs at the rate published by our accounts office.