Saint Paul International School

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We are confident in being able to provide quality education through the acquisition of knowledge as defined by Rwandan programs and completed by extra curricula that allows students to do Cambridge exams.

At the same time, we would like to inspire in our children the moral and Christian values through our Catholic teaching, by prayers and respect of Catholic faith for the purpose of a harmonious community life. Our training focuses on human, moral, intellectual and spiritual values.

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When you look at schools, ask about the kinds of studies.


 is to create an environment where each individual may receive a dynamic education, enabling them to attain academic excellence and to develop moral, spiritual and patriotic integrity which will support them to face the world with dignity when they come to leave the school.


                                      OUR MISSION

 is to inspire in our students a passion for learning and a life-long quest for knowledge, by providing an education rooted in the promotion of science, technology, linguistics, humanities and research; of seeking a culture of peace, tolerance, self-respect and the recognition of the rights of others so forming citizens mindful of their own development and responsibilities and that of their country and the world at large.

To succeed in our objectives, we have established a code of conduct which provides the guidelines for the behavior of the school’s community.

Pre k through 12 college

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Mathematics, in the future learners of SPIS will use mathematics skills in business, finance and engineering.


SPIS provides a quality foods and health room for students where basic medical assistance is available every day ensuring that students have access to essential health support. Additionally, there is a dedicated Girl Room (Icyumba cy’Umukobwa), which is a space designed to support female students in their studies and contributing to their academic success and well-being.


SPIS offers to students the opportunities to practice various sports and games so as  to improve their physical and mental health,  self-esteem, social skills and confidence.*


Art helps the Educators to discover the different talents in young generation and orienting them in specific place. to develop their talents in their everyday life, to become good artist.


SPIS creates a dedicated writing space for children, allowing them to write stories both in the classroom and in the library. The school encourages students to participate in competitions, which helps to improve their learning, ideas, confidence, critical thinking, and communication skills.


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School's Emphasis for the Year

Message of the year: Learning is also a hobby The more you love learning The more you will succeed.
Ngabonziza Yusuf (S5 PCB)
Head Boy
“To Work hard helps us to achieve our goals”
Ishimwe Diane
SPIS Head Girl 2023-2024
“At this School, our mission is to balance a rigorous comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with healthy social and emotional development.”
John Doe

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