SPIS General Presentation

Saint Paul International School (SPIS) is a Catholic school opened on January 16 th , 2012 by
Father Innocent CONSOLATEUR, Founder and Legal Representative of SPIS.
The school is located in Rwanda in the city of Kigali. It is headquartered in Gasabo District,
On October 11 th , 2021, the school opened his branch in the district of Nyarugenge,
It welcomes all children without distinction of religious denomination. It is the same for the
recruitment of its staff, competence is the only criterion.
To succeed in our objectives, we have established a code of conduct which provides the
guidelines for the behavior of the school’s community.
SPIS is made up of three sections, namely:
The nursery section
The primary section
The Secondary section (Low and Upper Lever)
At the upper cycle level of the secondary section, the school includes three combinations:
1. Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology (MCB)
2. Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics (MCE)
3. Physics, Chemistry Biology (PCB)

The school has a harmonized program that allows children to maximize their potential. The latter
contains two programs that are combined. This is the national program of Rwanda which is
presented as a base and the Cambridge program. Students in the higher cycle are assessed in both
programmes, i.e. they take the national exam (NESA) and the Cambridge Exam. Students
award National Diploma and Cambridge Certificate
Pupils do well both in state exams and in Cambridge exams. This success results from the
combination of the efforts of the educational team who work for the development of children, the
monitoring and quality of teaching, the recognition of each in what he is; and infrastructure that

meets the needs of children in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. The school's
language policy promotes the acquisition of three languages, namely: French, English and
The school's partnership with Europe in particular has given the opportunity for scholarships to
the University of Palma and at the Swiss International Scientific School" located to Dubai.
Students and staff are divided into several nationalities, the majority of which are African.


Our Vision is to create an environment where each individual may receive a dynamic education,
enabling them to attain academic excellence and to develop moral, spiritual and patriotic
integrity which will support them to face the world with dignity when they come to leave the


Our Mission is to inspire in our students a passion for learning and a life-long quest for
knowledge, by providing an education rooted in the promotion of science, technology,
linguistics, humanities and research; of seeking a culture of peace, tolerance, self-respect and the
recognition of the rights of others so forming citizens mindful of their own development and
responsibilities and that of their country and the world at large.

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